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It's been awhile, but The Fab Baon Boys doing another project! Building a hockey lane for great kid named Oliver! Here's shot of John adding blocking to the deck. If you appreciate a meticulous eye for detail and a structurally sound creation - John Paul Bacon is your man! Your kids will be safe romping in The Fabulous Bacon Bros. world of creations!
(More photos coming as we progress.)
The Other 98%
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Started my Goddess Sophia series...background getting there...
I didn't work on this but our Design Foundry did...props to Don and Kango, and Za and crew!
Installation at Smithsonian for one of grand opening parties for the new National Museum of African-American History...a replica of the building crafted into a giant lamp shade oops, I mean chandelier ;)

I forget who benefited from this installation at the United States Institute of Peace WDC for Design Foundry...a giant gold mirror chandelier and matching bar built onto truss structure

The Fabulous Bacon Bros.

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