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[10/28/19]   IF you have Sisterlocks®...
BUT later choose to add extensions,
THEN you no longer have Sisterlocks®.

Sisterlocks® is a natural hair management system. Extensions are not natural and will impede the natural locking process that needs to take place. Over time, your hair will no longer exhibit the set of unique characteristics that distinguish Sisterlocks® from other forms of hair management. Uniformity will decrease and your hair will become less manageable.

Do not devalue your investment by adding extensions. Give your hair the environment it deserves. Among the issues mentioned, extensions are also a contributing factor to alopecia.

We suggest that you wait until your hair has reached a length you are most comfortable with before getting your Sisterlocks® established to avoid these common pitfalls.
sisterlocks.com The Last Sisterlocks Academy Weekend of 2019! The last Sisterlocks Academy Weekend is kicking off in Baltimore this weekend! Will you be there? sisterlocks.com I can hardly believe it but this year is coming to a rapid close. It seems I blinked somewhere around March and when I opened my eyes it was October...mid-October, at that! I will say that I've tried...
thelocagency.com Loc Agency Check us out at www.thelocagency.com 😃

We offer our amazing clients:
• FREE self maintenance training
• FREE and unlimited touch-ups, year-round
• And now introducing FREE styling


It’s just our little way of saying “THANK YOU” for every opportunity you continue to give in choosing us to work for you. You are valued, you are loved, and you are appreciated. 🤗 thelocagency.com Loc Agency® is an exclusive, fully mobile-service salon, offering premier hair locking services. We cater to you in the comfort of your own home affording you a unique and pleasant experience sans the hassle.
sisterlocks.arlo.co Home page - SISTERLOCKS sisterlocks.arlo.co Our 4-Day Training Program is TOPS in the natural hair care industry! Sisterlocks trains in over 35 locations throughout the year. Learn how to establish a Sisterlocks practice and represent this wonderful brand.
youtube.com Two Certification methods Here are the two methods for Sisterlocks certification. Get started with yours, today! ❤️https://youtu.be/pJlF0z-0aRI youtube.com Sisterlocks Trainees have TWO options for becoming certified: 1. Our online Certification Coach (preferred) 2. The Mail-in Method In this video, Dr.C explain...
[01/19/19]   We are training at the Sisterlocks Headquarters this week! We will ALWAYS strive for excellence.
[01/04/19]   Active Clients,

Please join our private Facebook group to stay in the loop. ☺️
thelocagency.com Loc Agency Stop by if you’re in need of a Sisterlocks Consultant. We have Client openings for 2019. Reserve your recurring spot online today and we will schedule your consultation within 48hrs.

New establishments - 4 inches or less, only
Transfers - welcome

We are: Brand Ambassador & R-Certified •
We travel to you

thelocagency.com > How It Works > Vacancy List thelocagency.com HOME
sisterlocks.com Sisterlocks We’ve landed and are ready for the Sisterlocks Freedom Tour kicking off in Houston.

Our very own Sisterlocks Brand Ambassador, Faith Montague, will be instructing an informative session tomorrow at 8:30 am in Workshop Room #2. We hope to see you there!

WORKSHOP: “Success with Sisterlocks, Building the Brand and Your Business”

Visit www.sisterlockstour.com for more information. sisterlocks.com Sisterlocks are tiny uniform locks that are the result of a precision parting grid, and the use a specialized tool used to place the hair into its locking formation.
Client Feedback We welcome every opportunity for growth. Click the link below to let us know how we can better serve you.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

https://www.jotform.com/Locagency/client-feedback- form.jotform.us Please click the link to complete this form.
www.sisterlockstour.com http://www.sisterlockstour.com sisterlockstour.com ​We're making 2018 a year to remember! We're bringing the Sisterlocks Freedom Tour to four of our most popular locations. Each location will offer an extended weekend of workshops, networking,...
[05/31/18]   More ways to pay!

Ca$h: $Locagency
PayPal: [email protected]
thelocagency.com How It Works | United States | Loc Agency We would love for you to be our newest Client! Open enrollment for the 2019 Calendar Year begins this November. Visit our website and read about the process and how it all works.

https://www.thelocagency.com/how-it-works thelocagency.com We do things a little differently here. Find out how you can get started with us.
She is good to go in or out of uniform! 💪🏽 Love Love Love her #Sisterlocks ❤️ Established and maintained by #LocAgency @ Loc Agency
❤️ Swipe 😃😃😃 @stephysherrelle always tries amazing styles. One for each hat she wears throughout the week. #Sisterlocks #locagency #smalllocs
#Sisterlocks established by #LocAgency
#locs #smalllocks #smalllocs #Locagencyclients Mini photoshoot 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 her locs are so gorgeous!
Contact us today through www.thelocagency.com to learn more about securing your slot in Shauni’s schedule. •
We are so confident in our Staff’s ability to deliver quality results that we offer a 100% money back guarantee!
#Sisterlocks #Locagency
[11/20/17]   @stephysherrelle’s braid-out is everything! ❤️ #Sisterlocks established by #LocAgency
#locs #smalllocks #smalllocs #Locagencyclients

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