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[11/12/20]   It's just hair - I got to be a part of your wedding!
It's just hair - I was there for your child's first haircut.
It's just hair - I was there for your first date.
It's just hair - I was there for your school dance .
It's just hair - I was there for their funeral.
It's just hair- I was there for your graduation.
It's just hair- I was there when you didn't like the way you looked.
It's just hair- when you are getting ready to interview for your dream job and we needed to get you a full makeover and pep talk
It's just hair- when all you wanted in the whole world is a hug from your hair stylist because you knew they'd give it to you with open arms!
It’s just hair- when you just found out your expecting and haven’t shared the news with anyone else yet
It's just hair- when you lost your job and didn't know what you were going to do
It's just hair- when you were getting a divorce and just needed to feel better about yourself.
It's just hair- when you had a terrible day and looked forward to being able to vent without being judged
It’s just hair- when I came in after hours to get your hair done before a last minute early morning flight to make it home in time to see a loved one before it’s too late
It's just hair- when you are about to go on vacation and can't wait to tell me all about it on your next visit
It's just hair- when you bought your very first home
It’s just hair - when I buzzed it all off and cried with you.
It's just hair ...
It's not "just hair" Never has been and never will be!
Another sweet face came in to see me! Thanks Rachal R. for coming in!
Before & Afters! Dah-lings ....
[06/21/20]   Before & Afters from Today!
[04/30/20]   As a Senior Cosmetologist, it's all about the sanitation! Very important...when I take pics, it's towards the end of the process and you won't see me wearing a mask/ But yes, I always wear one when working! My clients need to feel protected So on that note: I am open!
[03/31/20]   Hey All,
As I’m sure you are all well aware that our president has extended our Stay at Home order. As much as I see my business as “essential” The President and the Governor do not agree.
It has been brought to my attention that if I do not comply with the rules, I will be fined $10,000 and also lose my license for 2 years. So at this time I am going to follow the rules to not be open until I have been told it is safe to do so
I am more than devastated by this news. In addition to addressing your hair needs, I more importantly look forward to our time together. I hope you are all doing well. Please don’t try and do your hair... I can’t have my salon page full of pictures of “Tiger King Mullets” once May comes around.
In all seriousness, please stay home. Please take care of one another and slow this spread! We can do this as People, as a Country an as a Nation!! We can do it together
Love, Your Stylist, Ellen
[11/02/19]   To clients and future clients: thank you for always showing on time/early to your appointment. Thank you for valuing my time just as much,if not more, than your own time. I value you and I want to be able to spend as much time as needed with you, and give you everything you deserve and more. Thank you for understanding that I book out a good amount of time (especially for balayage and color appointments) out of my schedule to cater to your every need, because you deserve it. Just remember that every hour booked out for your appointment is for YOU.
Thank you to my clients who call before your appointment to reschedule, or cancel your appointment ahead of time so I can refill the voided space. Thank you for not only valuing my time but for valuing me as a business women who works very hard for her passion and also as a human being.
The nicest family just came in! Before & After Pics of Mother & Son Below~ First pic is of Mom & Dad!
Before & After Of Don Mills!
Another Locks Of Love Recipient! Kindness with this sweet man!
Whatever your style, STOP ON IN!
Before & After (just forgot the before color)
Another Before & After! I love her color! AND, it's natural!
Somebody's Happier!
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